Monday, December 5, 2011

Republican desperation for candidates


The integrity of Gingrich is questionable but the Republicans are desperate to have anything that speaks. That is a big compromise to the tea parties, it shows that tea party's influence is very limited despite the loud mouthing. Obama has a chance to make it, if he has the balls to push the Jobs bill and do the right thing for the nation, leave a legacy before he goes anyway, rather than go down in history as good for nothing president.
Sixty-two percent called Gingrich an "acceptable" GOP nominee, while 54 percent called Romney "acceptable." (Thirty-four percent called Gingrich unacceptable, and 41 percent said the same of Romney.) While those figures are higher than any of the other Republican presidential candidates, it's worth noting that less than two-thirds sees either man as an acceptable nominee.

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