Monday, February 28, 2011

Shariah and Republican bad boys

Edmond Burke had said evil exits because good people do nothing about trouble makers, in this case the good Republicans are doing nothing about bad guys among them. Should good Republicans be embarassed about the actions of these bad boys?  Should their constituency need to speak up, is it reflective of their bigotry, more than bigotry it is their stupidity, is it not?

The Public form of Sharia will never come to America, as Muslims do not see the need for a duplicate system of justice.  Muslims have placed their trust in the American justice system and our laws provide ample justice.  But before that I urge the Republicans to study Sharia, for starters, a list of articles are linked below.

Shouldn’t Republican leadership question the frivolous laws?  Sharia is not what the Republican Extremists portray. Most certainly, injustice is carried out in the name of Sharia in Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, aren’t we guilty of hanging the innocent people, and we still have the crude death penalty in Texas. Are our laws wrong or their applications? We still have the capital punishment and so do they and both of us are wrong.

Read the three articles below to get an idea of Sharia:
Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day – 


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zakaria, Kristof and Ghouse on Middle East

Those who watch and read multiple sources of news and information are fairly similar and accurate in their assessment of the situation in the Middle East, except those who just watch American News media, forget about the Fox news watchers.

In the last few weeks, I found similarities in the takes of Nick Kristof, Fareed Zakaria and myself.  Between Kristof and me, four articles have a similar take and one has an identical paragraph that I wrote on 25th and he wrote the same on 26th.

Competetion in media is good for America

I was at lunch with my daughter and the topic came about Middle East; I was taken back that she was mirroring exactly what Fox and CNN (to an extent) do, exaggerate and highlight an isolated incident as the norm.
The events in the Middle East have gotten the right wingers by their balls, I just wrote this yesterday . They cannot sell lies to Americans anymore.

The LA Times reports the possibility of Aljazeera on Cable networks in the US.  In Los Angeles, KCET-TV provides online streaming coverage from the network and includes an Al Jazeera English report in its broadcast lineup.
We have better cars today, better television sets and now it is time for better news, and competition will do that. We welcome Aljazeera.

Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day -

Lieberman and McCain, get out!

The protests are non-violent and thank God for it. What is wrong with these two to talk about arming the protestors?  That amounts to screwing America and serving their pocket fillers.

Obama admin need to keep these two out of foreign affairs. They itch for wars and itch to bomb and itch to destroy others… that is fine, what these men don’t realize is that their actions will bring more destruction to America, ask the man on the street about it.

Non-Violence has taken roots as a tool for change; don’t let these two mess it up and get America entangled in it.

Note- Leiberman misspelled in heading.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

America is on the right track, thank you Mr. President

The hope Obama kindled for the people around the world on Tuesday November 4, 2008, is alight now.  I felt  tears of Joy to imagine America becoming a great nation once again, an America with fewer enemies and more friends to rally with us.  

The President has chosen a clear path of diplomacy, perhaps the first American President to have taken the right step by being with the people rather than the dictators.

I have been urging the president from January 28th on Hannity Show “Not to alienate the people” Thank God he has done the right thing.

Integrity of American Media

We have to seriously question our own integrity in reporting of events.

Had Aljazeera not reported these events in the Middle East and if the American Media had the monopoly – would they have reported these events as acts of terrorism? Would our media selectively shown a remote and perhaps unrelated event as the acts of “extremists”?    

Didn’t our fascist leaning President wanted to Bomb Aljazeera? Now we have to question al that was reported in the past, was that the whole truth? 

It is good to have competition; it minimizes the temptations of the media to misrepresent the situations. I welcome Aljazeera.

Tech Sabbath

I would advocate periods of withdrawal for reflection, family time, prayers or meditation, take a "tech Sabbath."

The unstated purpose of prayers is to re-compose oneself from an overload of activities and freshen up. The Aztecs, Zoroastrians and everyone in between follows a comparable formula. It is like re-booting your computer when it slows down running multiple programs. You can struggle with its sluggishness and become aggravated or simply re-boot and have it function well.

Whatever you do in life, do it wholeheartedly as it brings a sense of composure, integrity and commitment to the task and a sense of fulfillment.

Godhra Verdict - Justice in India

Justice Patel just handed down the verdict on Godhra, two of the Muslim men accused of burning the train and its 57 Hindu passengers are set free; they were innocent.  This gives hope to the ones pushed around, knowing that at least the law is on their side even though the politicians act out as criminals.

All the wealth one accumulates and protects is insured by Justice to common man, when there is injustice; it affects the social balance resulting in uprising and rebellion.  Justice brings safety and injustice will keep every one other toes.

Justice must be served to every one affected in the Gujarat Massacre; Muslims and Hindus alike.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trusting people to manage their own affairs

Trusting people to manage their own affairs with relative freedom is the key to creating cohesive societies for the benefit of all. What is good for me has got to be good for others to sustain it.

With the uprising in the Middle East, no doubt there will be chaos, but people can handle their own affairs, and out of that chaos will emerge a fledgling governance of the people by the people for the people.  It is sheer arrogance to believe that they cannot, they said the same thing about India, Indonesia and several other nations.

Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

Middle East Mistakes by right wingers

President Bush buckled under pressure and blew a chance to nourish democracy in the Middle East by rejecting duly elected Hamas by their people. To make Hamas fit into their agenda they shoved them into an optionless cage, to proclaim claim, “We told you so.”

Hamas’ call for destruction of Israel is not acceptable but so is the statements made by Israeli leaders who called for destruction of Palestinians.  Even a Rabbi gave a fatwa that killing the children of Palestinians is not a crime including babies!

Obama and Clinton can re-establish diplomacy as a core value in finding solutions.
 Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Political culture must change

Filipino's are celebrating 25 years of their revolution today.

Democracy did come to Philippines but the political culture did not, Imelda Marcos and her son are back in... Shah of Iran’s son made that attempt, the King of Afghanistan tried...The Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Bahrainis, Yemenis need to work on changing the political culture and change it in the constitution to have a stable system like that in UK, USA, India, Canada and Japan.

I have been writing about creating institutions in Pakistan to shape democracy a generation from now to become a part of them and run in their veins.

Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

AlQaeda Raped

Gaddafi and his Son will be gone, a new haven for dictators: Saudi Arabia.

First he blamed the west and now blames Al-Qaeda, as if Libyans are going to fall flat on the ground and believe him that it was the Al-Qaeda. Who is he fooling? Does the man know no one believes him?

The Prime Minister of Iraq is telling the protestors that they are being fingered by the Al-Qaeda.  

Of course Al-Qaeda deserves to be raped by two more losers and liars; the CIA and Mossad. Have they been right any time from 1979 to 2011?


Glen Beck barks in the dark

When you shoot in the dark, it is likely to hit some one.

An idiot randomly says things hoping the shoe may fit someone at any given time, but that should not encourage the one to support the idiot, in the long run; he will nail every one unintentionally.

Glen Beck apologizes for comparing reformed Judaism to radical Islam. That is how much the man knows about Judaism, Islam or anything.  

I am glad the Jewish groups took action; actually we all need to join hands together against stupidity. Muslims should join them and vice versa.

Muslims Condemn Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari,

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari writes in his dairy, "You who created mankind. Grant me martyrdom for your sake and make jihad easy for me only in your path," according to court records.

As a society we make the biggest mistake giving credence to idiots like Khalid, they dupe the gullible that it was the religion that inspires them to do the evil. Hell no!

Religion inspires one to be a good human and not a criminal. Quraan forbids killing and forbids suicide.

As Muslims we condemn this mind set and as Americans we should not be granting the religious shield to these criminals.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blasphemy Laws, way forward

For years now, the blasphemy law regime has been the point of furious debate among Pakistan’s ‘liberal elites’ including British educated Salman Taseer, journalist and politician Sherry Rahman, nuclear physicist and political analyst Pervez Hoodbhoy, head of the Foundation for Pluralism Mike Ghouse and Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir. Joining this small chorus are local and international organizations.

CIA and Mossad unreliable

I wish the Mossad and CIA were reliable intelligence agencies; they have cooked up and lied to please the bosses and the public. It gave me hopes that even Sean Hannity saw acknowledged that in one of our interviews.  - Mike Ghouse

Gaddafi making an attempt to fool Muslims

Gaddaffi knew he has got a few days left, and as usual he wanted to fool the Muslims across the world to rise up by manufacturing an enemy that was not there. Who was he fooling? All the damned dictators and fascist live in a shielded bunker, their cohorts keep giving them false advise that they are in control, as if they are God eternal. - Mike Ghouse

Purpose of Prayer

The unstated purpose of prayers is to re-compose oneself from an overload of activities and freshen up - Mike Ghouse

Is the West Bank next?

Is the West Bank next? Why can’t Israel see that?

US Must Stand up for Palestinian's rigths

USA may lose in Middle East if it cannot stand up for the basic rights of Palestianians wihout sacrifcing the security needs of Israel. - Mike Ghouse

Irael's peace and security

Peace and security for Israel is there to grab, if people rise up and take over goverance from the destructive right wingers - Mike Ghouse

Obama, not Allies

President Obama, please get governments that are friendly to Libyan people, and not the Bush Allies ( The word Allies conjures up negative images of Bush Era, keep Blair out). - Mike Ghouse

Obama, we are with them or

“We are with them or be left out. We must be with the people to shape a new democratic future in the Middle East." – Mike Ghouse