Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Darwinian Ron Paul

Ron Paul's ideas are great, but he does not have a team to execute the way he dreams about. 

He believes in survival of the fittest... if you are hit in an accident, you are on your own and on the mercy and kindness of others... if he has is his way, he would eliminate all support systems.

I am waiting for him to say this, " you have to be  independent , when you finish your term in your mothers womb, you need to walk out on your own and make a declaration of independence, that you are free from your  mother and ready to be on your own and that you don't need your  mothers milk, you will make my own breasts and drink from it..... and when you die, you have to dig in your own grave and go in  and cover yourselves up.. or let the ravens eat you out.

That is Ron Paul Ultimate!

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