Saturday, September 22, 2012

Battling it out with Sean Hannity on Fox News

Unlike the other shows, the Hannity show is divided into segments of 7 minutes, and in each segment two guests participate, the guests get roughly 1:45 Minutes each.  Since September 11 this year, I have been on his TV show thrice with Brigitte Gabriel, Zuhdi Jasser and  George Birnbaum, former Chief of Staff to Bibi Netanyahu,  and twice on his radio show.  This has given me about 45 appearances on the show in two and half years. 

A "few" Muslims simply don't get it, without engaging with others, you cannot solve the problems. It was Reagan who started the bullshit that we do not deal with terrorist, we do not sit and talk with our enemies carried out by most Republicans... come to find out the same bullshit is followed by a "few" Muslims. "If you don't talk with your enemies to make peace, then who do you talk with? Says Mother Teresa. I hammer that point on Hannity frequently, he may not get it, but the public does with the amount of email feed backs I get after the one time it hit 321,000.

Every one gets beat up on the show, but I go with a singular objective - to get three points across and sometimes I just get one. Last night 9/21 - I maintained Obama's video in Pakistan was not an apology, but the duty of the president to protect the lives of Americans.  A partial list of my shows is  on Hannity,

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