Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Defining Fundamentalism to Liberalism and what is in between

The world is broadly made up of  Fundamentalists, Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals and ultra-Liberals, you can further sectionalized them, but broadly – this template fits  any religion, nationality, race or ethnicity, within each of these group, there are some intolerant radicals who feel secure by controlling the world.

Most importantly, these are not people with a label on their forehead; it is the attitude within each one of us that makes us who we are.  An overwhelming majority tends to be moderates – minding their own business, while the Ultra-liberals want to remove all the barriers and jump of the earth’s gravity into the space, while the Fundamentalists tend to stick to what has been followed and proven stable to them, within that group is a group –the radicals, that wants to force others to obey, if not they give them pass to go to hell. If these radicals get their hands on guns, they will kill all others who are not like them.

Islamists, Hindutva, Neocons and Ultra-Zionists are those who have an attitude that others do not have the right to the given space, sustenance and nurturance, IF, they don’t follow what they believe is right.

I am a moderate.

Mike Ghouse

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