Monday, February 28, 2011

Shariah and Republican bad boys

Edmond Burke had said evil exits because good people do nothing about trouble makers, in this case the good Republicans are doing nothing about bad guys among them. Should good Republicans be embarassed about the actions of these bad boys?  Should their constituency need to speak up, is it reflective of their bigotry, more than bigotry it is their stupidity, is it not?

The Public form of Sharia will never come to America, as Muslims do not see the need for a duplicate system of justice.  Muslims have placed their trust in the American justice system and our laws provide ample justice.  But before that I urge the Republicans to study Sharia, for starters, a list of articles are linked below.

Shouldn’t Republican leadership question the frivolous laws?  Sharia is not what the Republican Extremists portray. Most certainly, injustice is carried out in the name of Sharia in Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, aren’t we guilty of hanging the innocent people, and we still have the crude death penalty in Texas. Are our laws wrong or their applications? We still have the capital punishment and so do they and both of us are wrong.

Read the three articles below to get an idea of Sharia:
Mike Ghouse offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day – 


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