Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Breivik a Christian Terrorist?

The title “Christian Terrorists” will anger the right wingers, they will deny it vehemently, the fact remains; terrorists have no religion. There should be no such thing as Muslim terrorist or Islamic Terrorist either. Most the people around the globe see it as the act of bad guys from among them.

We may seriously consider stepping out of being imbeciles in allowing every idiot to plaster a religious label for his act. The evil men are seeking to shift the responsibility of paying for their crime to an intangible non-entity called Religion so they can go scot free shooing some of us dogs to bark at Religion and many a right wingers do that; bark at each other’s religions.

Religion came into being to restore the social order, it was the case for Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and Nanak and on and on… their intention was not to create a private club with ownership resting in a few “chosen” ones. Their message to the people was to take a look at their solutions, which will build trust, justice and ultimate security for everyone.
Professor Mark Juengensmyer presents, “The similarities between suspected mass killer Anders Behring Breivik and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh are striking.” And further compares the loonies of Bin Laden and others. None of them had religious backgrounds.
It is time for the FBI to investigate all serious links to terror. The extremists among the right wingers continue to spew hate towards fellow citizens. Isn’t that how KKK resorted to violence? Al-Qaeda resorted to violence? If unchecked, we may have more of these in Europe and America.

We need to investigate the effects of hate spewing out of Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabrielle, Robert Spencer and host of them out there. We need to hold them accountable as accessories for any violence generated by them.

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