Friday, July 8, 2011

Are Republican Presidential Candidates Peace Makers?

I don’t think so, listen to them, nothing but divisiveness and hate pops out of them. Is that all they are made of?

Unfortunately the Good or good-for-nothing Republicans are letting themselves run over by the radicals among them.  Out of frustration with the Republican nominees in 2008 I rallied and voted for Obama. Had McCain been in, we would have been ruined with his bombing Iran, and other adventures and spreading our military everywhere demoralizing our men and women from unjust wars. Thank God, we the people dumped them in 2008 and saved America from further disaster.

Obama’s deficit is shameful, but a saving grace from what Republicans would have done.

 I would rather have a job to take care of my family than relish bombing Iran.  President Bush has to answer for destroying their lives and lives of innocent Iraqis. We don’t need warring men out to run our country.  

There are good Republicans out there, but where? All I can hope is for a miracle; a Republican who is not destructive but productive to our nation. We have to find a Republican candidate who believes in the pledge of allegiance to the core and believes in dialogue rather than destruction for solutions. We need to monitor their language more than ever and dump everyone who is a war monger, divisive and hateful towards fellow Americans.

My loyalty is to my nation and my loyalty to my party is not blind and ruinous. I am a Republican.

Mike Ghouse is commited to building a cohesive America, he is a frequent guest on Hannity Show and nationally syndicated radio networks. A Speaker, thinker and a writer. All his work is at

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