Sunday, January 8, 2012


Throughout the history of mankind, the tensions between the conservatives and liberals have existed in one form or the other. In the United States and in the Middle East or among Jews, Muslims or Christians the conservatives are no different.

Conservatives are gripped with a fear that their way of life is going to be ‘destroyed’ with changes; they are like rail car on the tract and cannot see any variations. Almost all of the conservatives invoke God for their position. On the other hand the liberals are willing to jump off the cliff without knowing where they may fall. Both sides need to learn to see each other’s point of view to allay their fears and calm them down.

The Jews and Muslims have the same streak running in them, to fight for the ritual correctness and both are willing to declare the other as not Jews or not Muslims. The Evangelicals act like Talibans, they want to impose their values on the others. It is time for everyone to back off, and let everyone live his or her life as long as he or she is not robbing a thing from them.

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