Friday, January 6, 2012

A Muslim's Republican Experience

I am a Republican and a moderate one, and invariably someone or the other makes comments that the term "Moderate Republican" is Oxymoron. We come in all colors, shapes and intensities. A majority of Republicans are indeed moderates, just like any majority in any group out there, religiously, ethnically, racially or otherwise. We want to get along and live our own life and wish well to others. I must however admit that we are effing chickens, we have no guts to speak out when we see or hear reckless speeches by our party leadership and ironically in the freedom party you find too many conformists.

The McCains don't realize that when you threaten others, you are not secure any more, as others would be equally committed to defend themselves and probably attack you in your vulnerable moments. It is a bad approach.

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