Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Messing with American Democracy

One of the dangers of democracy writes Professor Lev Grinberg is that, “it provides a formal opportunity for the majority to force their will on the minority. “

Indeed the Osama Bin Laden formula has been activated in America, though he never represented main stream Muslims yet his actions ascribed his wrong doing on to them.  Here comes, David Yerushalmi, an Arizona-based white supremacist who does not represent the main stream Americans, yet his actions are going to be slapped on the White Majority.  Are we ready to accept this?

The evil man has called for a war on Islam and is behind the racist legislation in Tennessee, once the seat of racism in America. He has opened new expressions for bigots as they have been shut out from their deeply seated Anti-Semitic attitudes.
These attitudes pitch one American against the other and that is not good for America, it will take the country from the path of cohesion to division.

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Meet the White Supremacist Leading the GOP's Anti-Sharia Crusade

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