Sunday, March 17, 2013

Does the thought of death inspire you?

Do you think of death? I do, and it inspires me to be righteous, it inspires me to avoid hurting and invading into other’s space, sustenance and nurturance. It inspires me to tie the loose ends of life on a daily basis, being aware of them in itself helps, it is powerful and peaceful. I do that frequently but not completely

It helps me knock the anxiety out of my life. I ask myself, what if I croak now, would I be bombarded with a huge list of things I wanted to do, wanted to have? Or would I accept my last few minutes in grace and without anxiety? The thought of death is peaceful to me. My mother passed away in peace, so did my late wife by living the life to the moment and not anxious to have more, as the loved ones we can facilitate that.

My maternal Grandfather, one of my heroes said, for every wedding you attend, attend a funeral, it will make a better human out of you. 

Mike Ghouse

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