Saturday, March 16, 2013

Glorious Morning

…. we must learn to enjoy the life in full, all elements of life to its full spectrum; sadness, joy, pain, sorrow, sweetness, sournes, bitterness, hate, love, forgiveness and kindness are all natural to us and makes us complete.

One of the two most beautiful parts of my day is the early ‘morning light’, there is something in it, that excites Me.; just that light! No matter how worried I am about Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Israel/Palestine or my income, this morning light lightens me up, it refreshes me and powers me up.

This morning, I could not resist walking around my office building, they have done a fabulous job in creating green between the building and water fountains, ponds and beautiful plants … I enjoyed the bursting light, blue skies, yet to be green trees and of course chirping of the birds, the call of the rooster from my cell phone and mimicking him made my day…what is your favorite part of the day.

I know my friend Vanja will be thinking of adding Barbara Steissand’s morning Glory.. that would be perfect as well. Is there another beautiful song like that? 

Rajiv Chakravarti writes:
Mike sahab: I would translate into "Urdu" (pure) your phrase:
"sadness, joy, pain, sorrow, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, hate, love, forgiveness, kindness"
"Gham, Khushi, dard, alam, sheereeni, turshee, talKhee, nafrat, muhabbat, baKhshish, iltifaat"

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