Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shia Sunni difference over Prophet's last sermon, what do we do about it?

Facts don't matter, it did not matter to President Bush and his followers, and they believed what they believed despite the information available to the contrary. We Muslims are no different, each one of our sect is entrenched with certain beliefs, and our fundamental beliefs will not change. Indeed, accepting change is like making the earth beneath us disappear. If Sunnis accept Shia version as fact or Shias see the Sunni version as the truth, their whole theology collapses, each one will cease to exist, and for that reason, no one will subscribe to each others' "facts". 


Sunnis believe that in his last sermon, Prophet said he was leaving the book (to learn and understand, as we are individually accountable for our actions) while the Shia Muslims believe that he also said he is leaving behind his progeny to offer guidance. Even if we were to recover the real voice and his speech, neither group will believe in it; it amounts to wiping out our beliefs. It is best to follow the guidance from Qur'aan; let you believe what works for you and I believe what works for me, as long as we do not mess with each other's space, sustenance and nurturence. Both will go to Janna if we care about God's creation.

How do Shia, Sunni and other Muslims come together for common good?

Mike Ghouse 

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