Monday, March 14, 2011

Legitimizing Islamic Radicalization

As a civil society, we must resist the temptations to blame one's family, nation or religion for his or her individual acts, and we must not give them the cover to hide under a religious label for their evil acts either.

Indeed, when they quote scripture for their acts, instead of eagerly accepting their excuse we must open the book and find the truth. There are two successful experiments on the subject.   

A judge in Yemen challenged Al-Qaida inmates to find verses in Quraan that propelled them to kill the infidels, he gave them three months to find and offered to join their movement if they found the verses, and otherwise, he asked them to reject that ideology. Not only they rejected, but were outraged for being duped and have become hunters for the Al-Qaida men.

Pastor Jeffress of Dallas called Quraan an evil book written by a false prophet, instead of getting angry I visited him and then on the public platform of TV and Dallas Morning News,  I asked him to find three verses in Quraan that were evil and if he did, I will give up my faith and join him,  he chickened out. Then a Quraan conference was produced with non-Muslim clergy on the panel to evaporate the lies the right wingers have fabricated about Quraan.  Full story, interviews and videos at:

Finding the truth is a responsibility, we would be better off by freeing from suspicion and anxieties, and finding peace within.

Mike Ghouse is the founder of America Together foundation, committed to building cohesive societies offering pluralistic solution on the issues of the day.  His work is indexed in 4 websites and 21 Blogs at

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