Monday, March 14, 2011

Recap week ending March 13, 2011

 It was a difficult week, Earth Quake and Tsunami in Japan was devastating, so many families were displaced, members lost and they still cannot find about 100,000 people.  May God protect the survivors and bring their families back together.

Gaddaffi continues to rein in against his people in Libya, I hope we the Americans stay out of it, we do not have a good overall record in interventions, we have messed it up, better stay home and take care of our own, they have been around longer than us and they know how to make it work.

Peter King continues with his hearings and hope he shows integrity and honesty... as a Muslim I welcome the hearings as it has the potential to lay to rest, the hype the right wing republicans create. It is all political and hope the truth emerges sooner

It was a shame that some Gazans were celebrating the massacre of a Jewish family, as an individual and on behalf of Muslims around the world, I condemn that behavior, there is no justification for such behavior.

On a personal level, we all have endured difficulties and tragedies and we need to honor that.
Despite all that, a new week has begun, as it has been happening since we knew what Monday was. Let's focus on this week, smile a little and have an as complete a life as we can. We need to live with full range of emotions. Have a great week!

Mike Ghouse

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