Monday, March 21, 2011

One liners on Gaddaffi

If we cannot aim the target we should not fire.

110 missiles is nothing but sadistic behavior, men itching to show off their machoness.

Shameless war mongers use the term collateral damage

Obama needs to listen to himself, had we listened to him in 2003, we would not have seen the miseries afflicting an average American today, the rich ones will always be fine but not the majority of Americans.

Is our media going to ask tough questions?  

Shirking our responsibility of not speaking out against the previous commander chief was a bad thing, we demand our government to be accurate and be accountable

A warning and three missiles at his location would have been enough, if the CIA cannot give that location then none of the information they provide is reliable.

After the initial attack, we should have given another notice to stop massacring his people.

110 missiles is nothing but sadistic behavior, men itching to show off and the loosely using the term collateral damage.

CIA and Mossad are useless agencies, when have they been right?
POTUS need to be told to stop before he entangles us into a protracted war.

Aljazeera can deliver what CIA cannot.

For the 1000th of the cost, Gaddaffi can be got, or an accurate missile can get him.

You, me and ever American has the responsibility for the wellbeing of America and what is good for America has got to be good for the world and vice versa to have sustainable peace

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