Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modeling democracy from the Indian Idol

We have a responsibility to share and explore avenues in shaping the future of each nation and the family of nations.

Democracy is about choices and the freedom to choose what one eats, wears, believes and seeks in the pursuit of happiness without being harassed or humiliated.  It is about the unhindered choice available to every citizen equally.

Out of nowhere the picture of 2007 Indian Idol popped on my facebook screen. There it was a non-mainstream Indian making to the top. This was unimaginable fifty years ago.  I salute the Indian Idol for shaping the future of India. It gives hopes to every citizen and that is one beautiful aspect of democracy I want to present here.

They have broken all the deep barriers of caste, class and religion and have offered equal opportunity to all.

In the two seasons of Indian Idol I have watched, I have witnessed with delight the “slum dogs” moving up, the homeless, the unknown, the “uncivilized” making it into the show, the illiterate with no exposure to music as well as the trained ones; they were all on the level playing field.

Similar programs in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere can shape the future leaders of their nations by offering opportunities to every one of their citizens, and let every one learn to compete in serving their nations.

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